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What is and who is it for? is a place where you can find all products certified with the Kokoa Standard label of high educational quality. The catalogue is aimed for teachers, parents and learners looking for educational products.


What kind of products are listed on the site?

We certify digital and physical learning products and also course materials. The Catalogue of certified products covers several age groups and subjects. The products are developed all around the world and come in many languages. 


How do you make sure that the content on the site is accurate?

Kokoa Standard is a yearly certificate and each product’s information is reviewed annually. Between reviews, the product developers are responsible for making us aware of any changes in a product’s availability, languages or prices, so they can be updated to the site. 


Can I buy the products listed on

Currently we only offer information on the products. On the product pages, you are able to find links to places of purchase, such as AppStore or a publisher page. 





How do you evaluate a product?

When we are contacted to do an evaluation, Kokoa assigns two evaluators to the job. One is an educational expert who is a specialist in the product's subject area, and the other one is a UX specialist who can evaluate the product's usability. The evaluators use the product and screen it with the Kokoa Evaluation Method.  


What is the “Kokoa Evaluation Method”?

The Kokoa Evaluation Method is a systematic, academically backed way of conducting the evaluation. The Kokoa Elevate is a software the evaluators use in the evaluation, and it holds all method parameters.


What do you screen in the evaluations?

The evaluation has two main parts: pedagogical evaluation and learning engagement. The pedagogical evaluation identifies the learning goals of the product, and assesses what kind of role the student has when they interact with the product - what they can do and how those actions support learning the desired things. The learning engagement evaluation assesses whether the product is usable, accessible and fun to use.

More information about the evaluation method

Do you check the products against certain curricula?

When we identify the learning goals of products, we check many different curricula to see what kind of goals are present around the world. The learning goals from several different national curricula are inserted to Kokoa Elevate Using multiple curriculas ensures that the evaluation finds all necessary learning goals supported by the product.  The organization receiving the evaluation may also request evaluating the product against a certain curriculum.


How is Finnish education present in the evaluation?

The evaluation method is based on the same learner perception as the current Finnish curriculum. The method is developed in Finland by the Finnish educational researchers.

Who are the evaluators?

The evaluators are teachers and user experience experts screened by Kokoa.






Product Publishers


How can I get my product listed on

If you have a product with an educational angle, contact us and we will check if it can be evaluated. In the case that the product meets the Kokoa Standard criteria in the evaluation, it will be listed on  


Can my product be evaluated by Kokoa?

To conduct the evaluation, we need access to the product. If the product contains physical parts like toys or tools, they should be mailed to us.

Products that rely heavily on face-to-face interactions are evaluated either by observing the learning situation and/or screening the lesson plans and teacher materials. 


Does it cost something to have my product evaluated?

We charge a fee for doing the evaluation. The current services and contact information can be found here.


What do I get from the evaluation?

The results of the evaluation are reported to you in a document. It lists the learning goals your product matches, provides an analysis of the pedagogy it represents and provides development ideas.

The products that meet the Kokoa Standard criteria are granted the Kokoa Standard certificate and listed on

View the sample evaluation report




Kokoa Agency - The company


What is Kokoa Agency and who is behind it?

Kokoa Agency is the company behind the Kokoa Standard certificate and website. Kokoa Agency was founded in 2015 by Finnish educators and game professionals. To make it simple, just call us Kokoa!

More about the company

What does Kokoa mean?

"Kokoa" is a Finnish word for putting together or assembling something. It is actually an imperative form, so a correct translation would be "Go and assemble!" - because the Finnish language is weird like that. 





I have an issue with some content on the webpage, how do I contact Kokoa?

We want to make sure the information about the products is up to date and correct.

If you spot something that should be corrected, let us know! 



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