Kokoa Elevate

Kokoa Elevate
A turnkey solution for ensuring high pedagogical quality

Kokoa Elevate is an easy-to-use application that edtech developers, publishers and schools can use to evaluate learning solutions and make evidence-based decisions.

How does it work?

Why use Kokoa Elevate?

Tens of thousands of Educational apps flood the markets annually.
Parents, schools and edtech buyers are asking for evidence on the learning effectiveness of the new digital tools. Hence, the market needs quality standards

Consistent development process

Kokoa Elevate establishes a systematic approach for reviewing your learning solution. Comparing your product against a science based standard is the best way to ensure you’ve created a solution which is effective for learning.

Saving time and money

Kokoa Standard elicits standardized feedback from teachers, which helps you to make the right development choices early on.

Gain credibility

Using a science based standard helps you to communicate your learning goals and pedagogical approach to your end users.


How does it work?

The evaluation method and quality standard is based on educational psychology and developed by Finnish university researchers.


Learning goals

The solution can be compared against different curriculum goals. Both the subject based goals and broad based goals are defined.

Pedagogical approach

Statements based on learning science principles guide assessing the pedagogical quality.

Engagement & usability

A set of questions for assessing the fluency and utility of the solution.

Comparison of your findings

When the assessment is done, the evaluator can compare their results to the findings of others. Kokoa creates a conclusion of the findings to determine whether the product reaches the standard and can be certified

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Subscription to Kokoa Standard

Kokoa Standard licence includes access to Kokoa Elevate evaluation tool, and a chance to go through the Kokoa evaluation and certification process.  You can use Kokoa Elevate yourself, collect feedback from the teachers or ask for Kokoa Standard evaluation by professional Kokoa Standard evaluators who hold a master’s degree in education

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