Kokoa Elevate is launched!

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Kokoa Elevate is launched!

October 1, 2018

Kokoa has had a busy September! During Helsinki Learning week we joined SETT Helsinki and Dare to Learn, and launched a new service, Kokoa Elevate.

Our reason to party was the launch of Kokoa Elevate.  It is a browser-based solution for evaluating and selecting pedagogically valid learning tools. Kokoa Elevate is used by education providers and schools to back up their decision making. It can also be used by EdTech developers who want to collect systematic feedback when conducting school pilots.

Moments from the Launch party

The keynote in the party was held by the ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson. After his visit to Finland, Mark wrote a blog post about his experiences with us and the whole SETT conference. We were really touched by his words! Thank you Mark!


"Imagine if ALL edtech had to be cleared with teachers in a school before the school purchased it and it had to meet strict pedagogical efficacy guidelines through a toolkit such as Kokoa Standard.
Just imagine. What would that look like? Well it’s happening and it’s happening right now and my mind was blown."

Check out the full post!

For many of our guests, the highlight of the evening was the Kahoot quiz at the end of the event. The questions were about education techonology, schools and of course, bit about sports and music. The competion was tight, but fair! 

Thank you all who participated!

If you didn't have the chance, you can check out Mark's keynote and our CEO Marika Kukkasniemi's talk about Kokoa Elevate from the video.