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Kokoa Standard solutions

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Kokoa Standar offers  an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology.

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The standard offers tools for evaluating your own learning solutions, involving your users and getting feedback from trained Kokoa Standard evaluators.

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How does the Kokoa Standard work

The standard is suitable for evaluating digital books and applications, games, online courses, and also non-digital learning materials.

Edtech developers can use Kokoa’s evaluation software - Kokoa Elevate for self-evaluation and user feedback collection 

Kokoa Standard evaluation will provide independent feedback from Kokoa’s professional evaluators

The Kokoa Certificate is issued to a product that meets the standard.

Certified products are listed in our catalog.


Outcomes and benefits

Our main aim is to help companies and organisations to develop products that are fit for their purpose.


The Kokoa Standard method has been developed with university researchers.
The standard allows evaluating the product’s strengths and weaknesses through review of three focus areas:

  1. Learning Goals
  2. Pedagogical Approach
  3. Usability

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The clients who wish to go through the Kokoa evaluation will receive an evaluation report which gathers concrete suggestions about how to improve the product to have even more impact on learning.

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The evaluation findings and the certificate can be used  in marketing and communication. We provide a comprehensive set of certificate materials and instructions how to use them.


Suitable products for evaluation

We evaluate digital books and applications, games, online courses, and offline learning materials for all age groups. In order to be suitable for our evaluation the product needs to:
• help to achieve learning goals that can be defined,
• have a pedagogical approach.

You can always contact us and ask for a quick suitability check.